Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scarlet Cord Friday Night Update, June 8th

It was another fabulous evening at Scarlet Cord! The volunteers for the evening were Sandy, Raelene, Elisa, Emily, Elmelia and Muna. Elisa, Emily and I (Raelene) stayed in and enjoyed the fabulous, amazing, to die for, Thai food complete with shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce, Spicy Chicken and rice, fruit salad (papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and grapes), marinated cucumber/tomato salad, juice, coconut macaroons, and peanut butter chocolate rice crispy bon-bons or as Elisa said "jingle balls because I only make them at Christmas" and mango sorbet brought to us by our favorite super-heroines the wonder-women (Carol, Caroline, and Arlene). Sandy brought in wonderful bread and pastries from the bakery. It was so amazing we all bee lined straight to the kitchen to sample all!

We had a good amount of time to talk, catch-up and encourage each other in the slow progress that Scarlet Cord is making. D joined us a little late and especially enjoyed the fresh fruit and vegetables. Later C and her daughter J came in, they had met the street team in the laundry-mat. This was C and J's first time coming and they accepted clothes, products and more. C told us about her three other children and her niece who has seizures and came to the US from Kashmir (I think) so that she could receive medical attention. Her niece is only 9 years old but with medication only has seizures a couple times a month now.

The street team: Elmelia, Sandy, and Muna headed out in the drizzle with smiles on. We met some young girls with a baby and had a great conversation. We stopped at Maddies and found K (the gal that works there) saving the runt of a litter of kitties....she had just given it a bath and wrapped it in a heated washcloth and it looked like Yoda! After leaving Yoda with some SC love we headed up the street. We met a few women as we headed up Sandy but the streets were mostly quiet. We posted flyers in telephone booths as the weather did not permit us to hang them elsewhere. We headed back down the street between Prescott and Sandy but all was quiet. We arrived back and feasted (for the 2nd time)! Right about then C/J came in-that right there is just what fills my heart after walking on the streets-someone coming in-that is why we head out every week-to see a woman or women in need walk through our doors into a room of women with open, loving hearts! I think they will be back!

One thing that is common on Friday nights is that volunteers ask what we need (conditioner, coffee, tin foil, etc). Muna and I thought we would try to provide a short list each week. If you feel inclined feel free to purchase and bring any of these items with you the next time you are at SC. If you are not inclined or can't afford it we so appreciate your sacrifice of time and energy that you already give to SC.

You are always welcomed and encouraged to bring Tupperware type containers to help divide up any leftovers between volunteers.

Raelene Garrison & Muna Hicks